Valentine’s Day Goodie Bag Bundle

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Product Description:  This Valentine’s Day Goodie Bag Bundle is the perfect gift for friends, family or your classmates!  Each bundle includes all the things needed to make 25 personalized individual goodie bags which includes the following:

  • (25) Personalized Valentine Cards
    • (5) Dinosaur Cards - “You’re so Dino-mite!”
    • (5) Bear Cards - “You’re Beary Amazing!”
    • (5) Unicorn Cards - “You’re So Magical!”
    • (5) Cat Cards - “You’re Pretty Purrfect!”
    • (5) Dog Cards - “You Make Me Leap with Joy!”
  • (25) Cure SMA Logo Stickers
  • (25) Cure SMA Bracelets- Youth 7"
  • (25) Individual Ziploc Bags

There are 5 different card options available and each one includes a “To:" and "From:" field which allows for them to be personalized.  All cards are custom designed and drawn by Janelle Fiesta, adult with SMA.